What Are Underground Utilities

underground utilities

Learn About Underground Utilities What are underground utilities in the construction world?  Learn about them here. The term ‘utility’ refers to the services provided by public utility companies, including electricity, natural gas, water, sewage, and more.  Underground utilities refer to the vast infrastructure of pipes and/or cables that transport water, gas, electricity, and sewer in…

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What are Paving, Curbing and Gutters


Learn about Paving, Curbing and Gutters here. What is paving in the construction world? It usually includes curbing and gutters, too. Learn more about them all, here. Paving, during construction projects at J.H. Hiers, is performed at the end of the project.  It refers to the installation of concrete curb and gutter, concrete sidewalks, and associated…

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What is Site Work

site work

What is site work?  Learn about it here. Site work is a phrase in construction that refers to all activities of a project that occur before structures are built.  Below is an outline of what is being referred to when the phrase ‘site work’ is mentioned on our J.H. Hiers Construction website.  Site work is…

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What is Earthwork


What is Earthwork? Learn about it here. If you’re new to the field of construction, there can be several terms and concepts that may need additional explanation.  Below is an outline of what is being referred to when the phrase ‘earthwork’ is mentioned.  Earthwork is a significant portion of the site work construction process and…

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