1. Website menu items will include pages for Home, Services (which will have a drop down menu as shown above to access these additional pages), Projects, GPS & 3D Modeling, About Us (which will include content about the J.H. Hiers Mission, History, and Core Values), and Contact Us.
  2. SBC will be providing Client with access to Google Drive folders so that they can provide us with the content required for each menu item listed above, with the exception of the Home Page.  We will populate the home page with pieces from the other content provided.  SBC will adjust client provided content as necessary to meet SEO best practices.
  3. The Projects section will include up to 12 recent projects and include video (repurposed from YouTube) along with a short project overview (including location and other relevant information).
  4. We will be including FAQs.  Based on the amount of content, we will determine where these should live (e.g., a link in the footer to open a new FAQ page, or Q&As on each Services page, etc.)
  5. The layout you see here will not be customer facing.  This is for illustrative purposes only to identity website page architecture on the back end.
  6. The blue menu you see at the top right is an additional menu and will include links to  Social Media accounts as they become available. The placement of this menu / these links is yet to be determined.  They are here to note that they will be included on the site and easy to access for visitors.
  7. The yellow menu you see in the bottom right is the Ancillary Menu and these links will be found at the bottom of your site design to follow website best practices.

Website Sitemap Approval

Please give your approval if the sitemap is approved as-is and Studio Barn Creative can move into the Interactive Prototype phase.
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    If there are any changes that need to be made to this Sitemap before approval, please email us with requested changes before approving.