What are Paving, Curbing and Gutters

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What is paving in the construction world? It usually includes curbing and gutters, too. Learn more about them all, here.

Paving, during construction projects at J.H. Hiers, is performed at the end of the project.  It refers to the installation of concrete curb and gutter, concrete sidewalks, and associated asphalt roadway.  Below is an outline of what is being referred to when ‘paving’ is mentioned on our J.H. Hiers Construction website. 

Installing Curbing and Gutter:

Curb (standard or rolling) is a short wall and row of concrete (approximately 6” tall). It is installed along the perimeter of a road and/or parking lot. It serves the purpose of holding the pavement from the sides or acts as a barrier between another surface (usually a yard, grass, or landscaping) and the road.  Gutter is a flat concrete slab channel along the side of the road and touching the curbing.  Gutters are essential to draining water away from roadways.

The Paving Process:

At J.H. Hiers Construction, paving is the process of finishing roads with asphalt. Before paving can begin, properly installing the subgrade is essential. Subgrade is the earth (or soil, or dirt) that the paving will cover. Performing a proof roll ensures a surface is ready for paving.

Proof rolling involves using heavy equipment, like a quad-axle dump truck loaded with more than 70,000 pounds, driving over the entire surface to be paved. This ensures that the underlying surface is indeed strong enough and ready to support new asphalt.

If soft areas are found, repairs are made to those compromised areas. Undercutting is a common process for repairing these areas.  Undercutting involves digging two-three feet below the surface and replacing the soft soil with stronger clay, soil, or aggregate material.


Adding a binder layer is the first step in the actual paving.  The binder layer is a mixture of large aggregate and oil resulting in a durable and strong surface for the top layer of asphalt to adhere to.

The top layer of fresh asphalt is applied and provides a smooth surface for cars and other traffic. 

Lastly, using a roller, the final roll smooths and compacts the newly paved surface. This ensures that pieces of aggregate are fully embedded and not disrupting the smooth surface.

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